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Creating Opportunity,
Hope, and Value
for Our Community's
Most Vulnerable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work collaboratively to identify and address the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged people, with the ultimate aim of improving their lives. We will use our expertise and resources to create projects and initiatives that will have a lasting and meaningful impact and ultimately spread love in our communities.

Our Values


We respect each individual’s right to self-determination and will always strive to treat them with dignity and respect.


We are committed to compassion and empathy for those in need and will always strive to provide support and assistance.


We recognize and celebrate the diversity of our directors, members, volunteers, and communities.

Founder's Story

PIL’s story begins with a young man’s desire to make a positive impact in his community. In 2019, Fikayo Aderoju wanted to give back to those in need in the city of Toronto, and so on his 20th birthday, he set out to provide supplies to those experiencing homelessness. During his first attempt, no one took any of the supplies. However, the following year he gathered a group of friends together, did more research to better understand the needs of the homeless population and went for it again. Out of that event, PIL was born, and each subsequent project has brought together more youth from around the Greater Toronto Area to impact lives in the community. Over the past four years, PIL has made significant contributions to the community by successfully completing various projects. These include organizing toy drives, establishing scholarship funds, hosting community events, and distributing food and supplies to those in need. PIL has taken the time to research and understand the specific needs of the homeless population, ensuring that our efforts have a tangible impact on the lives of those they serve.


Our Team

A group of youth change-makers that are passionate and dedicated to supporting the daily needs of people facing homelessness and spreading love in our communities.
Group 56.png
Fikayo Aderoju

Executive Director

Lorenzo Baitwa

Director of Finance

Group 57.png
Toritseju Okoturo

Director of Volunteers

Rachel Kasujja

Director of Operations

Group 54.png
Toni Bodunrin

Director of Administration

Wakilat Coker

Executive Member

Group 55.png
Lucky Osunyibi

Director of Partnerships

Group 58.png
Kelly Mgbatogu

Director of Research

Ashleigh-Ann Moyo

Visual Communications Lead

Jada Mckenzie

Director of Partnerships

Tofunmi Olowogorioye

Director of Innovation

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